Why Australian milk is beloved in all over the world?

The answer is that Australian dairy products are not only tasty but also a good quality

The country’s dairy industry has a strong commitment to produce high quality milk. Milk quality in the industry is determined by a low bacterial and cell count.

One of the biggest factors for determining the quality of milk is it’s bacterial count. High bacterial counts can arise from organisms which pass into the milk or from bacteria contaminating equipment. Regular cleaning of vats and milking machinery helps reduce bacterial contamination, while the manufacturing technique of pasteurisation ultimately destroys the harmful bacteria in milk.

Another factor is the Bulk Milk Cell Count (BMCC). This refers to the concentration of cow body cells that enter into the milk vats on each farm.

A low BMCC count is an indicator that mastitis (udder infection) is well controlled in the herd which has benefits for cow health and welfare as well as improving milk production. Quality payment incentives from processors exist in all states for milk with lower cell counts.